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Lucky Locators, Inc. was established in 1996 and has always been family owned and operated.  While working as a locator for ComEd, Lucky saw the need for private utility locating in the construction industry.  When ComEd ceased providing their own locating services and parsed it out to other companies, Lucky took the opportunity to create his own private utility locating business.

For over 20 years Lucky Locators has worked with thousands of companies, public works departments, and state institutions.  These include construction companies, electricians, water and sewer, plumbers, environmental, surveying, educational institutions, and railroads.


Because we are family owned and operated, we can run our business our way and with our beliefs in customer service and satisfaction.  Lucky always believed that you take care of your clients by providing the best service at a reasonable rate.  We take pride in our 98% retention rate that was earned by building client trust and making them feel appreciated, while providing excellent work and service, at a fair price.

Family Owned & Operated

98% Retention Rate

Best Service ~ Reasonable Rate



Lucian “Lucky” Angelo

Lucky has over 25 years of locating experience, an understanding of construction, and a strong emphasis on excellence and safety. His personal locating experience started with Exelon (Commonwealth Edison) in 1988 as their J.U.L.I.E. representative working at the Elgin Headquarters. Prior to locating, Lucky worked for three years in the underground department and 15 years as a lineman. After 25 years with ComEd, he saw the need for utility locating in the private sector, took early retirement in 1996 and started Lucky Locators, Inc.


Lucky is the proud father of 4 sons, two of which work side by side with him at the company he worked hard to create and sustain. He is also a grandfather to 7 grandchildren.  Lucky is also a proud member of the Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma.

Sean Angelo

Vice President of Field Operations
Sean has over a decade of combined locating experience in the public and private sector.  Sean started to learn the locating business through Lucky at an early age by going out with him and learning the “family business”.  Sean continued to learn by working at SM&P (now USIC) so he could better understand the public sector.  He joined Lucky Locators in 2007 and has grown his knowledge of the private sector as well.  After 10 years, Sean continues to enjoy “solving the puzzle that is utility locating”.


When Sean isn’t locating or doing paperwork, he enjoys spending his time with his wife, two dogs, and eagerly awaiting the arrival of his first child.

Ryan Angelo

Vice President of Business Operations
Ryan has always had an interest in locating for the family business.  He started by riding along with Lucky and helping on jobs while in college.  After college he would help on jobs on his days off from work.  Prior to “coming home” and joining Lucky Locators, Ryan worked at BMC Group, Inc. where he oversaw operations and account management.  During his time at BMCGroup, Ryan was involved in several high profile projects with many Fortune 500 companies, professional sports teams, and financial institutions.


Ryan has a B.A. in Political Science and History from Ottawa University (KS), and also attended Northern Illinois College of Law.